Over the last few years, I have noticed that data (especially big data) and analytics can be a daunting topic. It’s difficult to know how to approach setting the right strategy – particularly for mid-sized organisations, and then how to work out which tools, technologies and teams will be the best fit for making it happen.

Although there’s plenty of information and advice to be found, it’s often from technology vendors, or someone aiming to put you on the path to the solution that they are providing. This is where Cynozure stood out for me: with the offer of tailored strategic advice based on actual requirements, without being tied into specific platforms or technologies – not an approach I’d come across before in this space.

From my very first meeting with Jason (Company Founder and CEO) at the end of June, it was clear that Cynozure is not a typical business consultancy. This is a lean operation of personable, agile and reactive actual practitioners: they’ve faced data challenges and dealt with them first hand at the types of companies they now advise. This experience has helped shape a tried and tested framework that quickly gets results – but not one that’s so rigid it can’t be moulded to the right fit.

I really like the fact that Cynozure makes data accessible, and brings a fresh character and personality to consultancy. Everyone is very approachable, and a genuine passion for finding innovative solutions to business challenges is clear. They seek out those nuggets of data that can truly improve a business in a way not previously imaginable. This is the type of thing I’ve really picked up on when speaking with customers and partners.  I’ve been told that they ask questions to get you thinking, rather than just being yes men, with the aim of customers being able to take forward their own data journey (that said, I’m also told Cynozure is there to make the journey alongside you whenever you need a hand).

In addition to strategic advice and consultancy, there is also the Cynozure Chief Data Officer Hub.  I’m looking forward to getting more involved with developing this club, connecting CDO’s and small and mid-size companies. More on this coming soon!

Also, on a personal note, I love the flexibility I have with my own role here at Cynozure. Around Easter time this year, I stepped away from a full-time marketing career to focus on yoga. Then I received a phone call about a potential part-time opportunity at management consultants with a knack for data strategy, looking for someone in marketing with experience in data, analytics and professional services. The fact that I am able to spread my hours throughout the week means I am able to fit in plenty of yoga, and have time for my responsibilities at Stepney City Farm, so as you can imagine, I’m more than happy with it all!

Jason, James (CTO) and the team are genuinely enthusiastic in their obsession with the value that can be gained from data, and regularly share some of their insights – which I’ll be sharing on our LinkedIn page if you’re interested in having a read.


Written by Tor Park


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