Data Governance is an essential function of any approach to data, giving you the correct approach to navigate data handling. An effective data strategy isn’t complete without data governance, building the structure to help you avoid a data crisis. However, your valuable data governance can be met resistance from within the organisation; perceived to be a tiresome and seemingly unnecessary procedure by some departments. Read on for our data governance guide video.

The trick to Data Governance? Don’t talk about it.

Data Governance is a catch-all for different safety and security procedures for your data and analytics, but it’s also an unpopular reference for many. When it comes to reinforcing your data security, it’s often easiest to avoid talking about ‘governance’ at all – it’s easier for the organisation as a whole to recognise the value of safety procedures, compared to the contrived perceptions of governance. Of course, the road to good data governance won’t be completely smoothed out by this little trick.

When it comes to data security, it’s not only your data that’s at risk – your reputation is also at stake. As such, data governance is an important area to get right from the start; you need to define your long-term method in a data strategy. With this set in stone, you can move forward with a clear definition of what you’re trying to achieve, how you can achieve it, and what you expect from the rest of the organisation.

Jason Foster, now CEO at Cynozure, has spent his career defining, shaping and delivering data and analytics strategies that help organisations across multiple sectors get value from data.

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