As data becomes a greater part of our everyday lives, how to integrate data into our businesses is a common question for many leaders. This research paper explores where some businesses have succeeded, and how to use these lessons to create your own data-guided organisation.

With Computing magazine, we surveyed 150 decision makers, representing organisations from a wide variety of industries in an attempt to answer common questions about data and analytics in business.

Many organisations have been hoarding data for some years, but unlocking the immense value held within that data is a challenge that every business faces. It is a cross-organisational challenge spanning technology, leadership, cultural, and ethical considerations.

The organisations which stand to gain the most from their data are building a data-guided strategy encompassing vision, people, operations, governance and technology. This research paper covers what’s holding back some businesses, new and emerging technologies, and the importance of the organisational structures to derive insights from data.


For more insights into your data and analytics, make sure to download our new Data-Guided Organisations research paper.

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