What does the pillars of a successful data strategy webinar cover?

A strong data strategy provides you with a framework that allows you to generate business value from data and analytics.

Done well, a data strategy gives you a vision, a roadmap and a flexible, agile plan that defines what you are trying to achieve, how data can drive you forward, and how you will approach this task.

In this session Jason Foster, our CEO, outlines why you need this strategy, how to get buy-in from the wider business, and how to drive cultural change further down the road.


Thursday 17th September, 2020


12pm BST


Free of charge.

Join Jason for this 45 minute session,
followed by time for Q&A to answer your questions on data strategy

What does the webinar cover?

  • The benefits of a data strategy.
  • The key pillars of a data strategy.
  • Use cases - and requirements
  • The importance of culture
  • Importance of the approach taken for delivery

Who should attend?

Leaders looking to expand their data know how,
and start moving their organisation towards being data guided

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