Our exclusive community of senior data leaders.

We host members-only networking events on the first Wednesday of every month (usually in London, but now taking place online), and on the third Wednesday of the month online, via Zoom. Senior data leaders have the opportunity to collaborate, share, learn and grow as a community.

Some feedback from our first online event, held in April:

“The session was unique in many ways, being the first virtual session, and because of that it felt relaxed and informal. The calibre of the people attending was high and pitched at very much the right audience to fuel collaboration and the sharing of ideas etc. This was probably one of the better events I’ve been involved with in the last 18 months.”

“The new tech really worked and I got to meet people I often don’t get to even in the physical meet ups”

“I thought this was a fab event given the situation. Networking online is always going to be harder, but the breakout sessions worked really well. The experience of the members in the group was exceptional and it was so great to hear their thoughts on the challenges covered.”


Please note, these events are for members. If you are not a member, but you are a Chief Data Officer (or are responsible for setting the data strategy at your organisation) please find out more about the CDO Hub here: cdohub.co.uk


Wednesday, 4th November, 6pm GMT

Alan Cruickshank will be leading the discussion

Wednesday, 11th November, 6pm EDT

Gustavo Canton will be leading the discussion on resource planning and COVID-19

Wednesday, 9th December, 6pm EDT

Andrew Strada will be leading the discussion on Big Data: Cool or Creepy?


Online, via Zoom Meeting


6pm – 7.30pm GMT

1pm – 2.30pm EDT

US chapter only: 6pm EDT



"I think the strength of this kind of group is that, not only is it an excellent mechanism to share good practice among leaders in data, but it demonstrates the relevance of driving value through data across a wide range of sectors."

Tim Carmichael, Data Transformation Director

"I loved the relaxed atmosphere and the small group dynamic, which allowed everyone a chance to share their experiences and knowledge."

Laura Paterson

"I like how these events are practitioner-only, and no one is trying to sell to me."

CDO Hub Member

"Excellent calibre of attendees. Great value."

CDO Hub Member

"The most and meaningful conversation about data and leadership that I've ever had in an open forum event."

CDO Hub Member

"It was more intimate, more real, and also more diverse than any data leadership event I've ever been to."

CDO Hub Member

Join a growing network of data leaders looking to collaborate, share, learn and grow.

The CDO Hub offers members the opportunity to collaborate with data peers, share best practice, advise organisations, and be part of a network that drives value through data – and highlights its relevance.

  • Exclusive: Invite and recommendation only.
  • Practitioners: Industry professionals. Strictly no suppliers or vendors.
  • Progressive: Forward thinking leaders looking to make a difference to themselves and their organisations.
  • Collaborative: Group of leaders dedicated to helping, mentoring and working together to solve the biggest challenges.

Join the #1 peer-to-peer community for world-class data leaders, and start your future now.

What you will get when you join the CDO Hub:

  • ENGAGE: With CDO Hub members through informal, relaxed, exclusive monthly discussion forums.
  • ACCESS: The CDO Hub members via a Slack group to ask questions, share stories and continue discussions outside our events.
  • LEARN: By reading regular content, and listening to regular podcasts featuring the CDO Hub members.
  • For data leaders the CDO Hub is a platform to collaborate with data peers, share best practice, advise organisations, and be part of a network that drives value through data – and highlights its relevance.

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